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Todd Sones Impact Golf

Our goal at Impact Golf is to “impact” your game by working backwards from the most important moment in golf “impact”. We work backwards from impact because we want to find the source of your swing problem.

All too often, players’ swings are a series of band aids or compensations in their effort to get the ball flying toward the target. Many players get stuck in their level of play because they are trying to band aid a problem versus fixing the problem.

At Impact Golf, we evaluate each player’s natural swing along with their physical ability in order to come up with a swing that is individually suited to them. We don’t believe there is one way to swing the club that is correct for all people. We do believe there is a way for each player to swing the way that is best for them. Our job is to help each player find and understand their swing.

We often use the analogy of walking up a flight of stairs. At the top of the staircase is a players' potential. Although players have different potentials, players find contentment and enjoyment of the game when they are playing to their potential. To get to the top of the staircase, a player needs to know the steps. The steps also need to be organized in the right order and taken at the right pace.

When you break down why many players are not improving or even getting worse from year to year it is often because they are working on the wrong steps. Sometimes they are working on the right steps in the wrong order and sometimes they are working on the right steps in the right order but at a pace that is too fast.

At Impact Golf, we will design a plan that puts the right steps in the correct order and help you to take each step at a pace that works for you. We use state of the art computer/video equipment to help you visualize the changes you need to make and track your progress visually as you improve.

We are committed to building relationships with our students knowing that that is the way they will reach their golf potential. We look forward to helping you find out how good you could be.