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Golf Cart GPS Advertising


Visage GPS is available on White Deer Run Golf Club’s entire fleet of 72 golf carts. Each 10.4” HD touch screen monitor displays detailed hole images, precise yardages to the flag, 3D flyovers,  real-time scoring, and food and beverage ordering.

The Visage GPS System also presents a unique advertising opportunity. Your business ad can be seen by as many as 26,000 local golfers throughout the entire golf season. White Deer Run Golf Club provides a positive and tranquil setting. Visage GPS enhances the golf experience and engages guests in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Advertising partners get a rare opportunity to spend some quality time with potential customers.

How Does GPS Advertising Work?

One full-screen billboard ad at the start of a golf hole. Then, your ad converts to an insert advertisement (lower corner “signature spot”) for the entire remainder of that hole. Once the golf cart approaches the putting green the full-screen billboard ad appears again until the completion of the hole. Advertising exposure for entire hole is 12-15 minutes with an involved prospect audience.

Golf Cart GPS Advertising Value

Builds your company name awareness and preference with a great partnership

Reach            26,000 players - over 99% golfers use golf carts

Frequency    Two Full-Screen Billboard Ads each 18 hole round
                        Converts to One Signature Spot Insert Ad

                        Total Ad Exposure - 12 to 15 minutes

           April 1 through November 30

Additional Advertising Exposure
Generates more name awareness and frequency, and lowers your cost per view

Website          Advertiser’s logo/website link on WDR Website - 48,000 annual visits

Displays         Advertiser’s ad on golf shop video display - 26,000 annual views

Golf Cart GPS Advertising Package

  • Two full-screen billboard advertisements - tee and putting green of the selected hole
  • One insert advertisement for the remainder of the selected hole
  • Advertisement hole will be rotated every two weeks to maximize exposure

Ad Package Bonus

  • Advertiser’s logo/website link on
  • Advertiser’s ad on clubhouse video displays
  • Twelve 18 hole rounds of golf (transferrable)
  • 10% Banquet discount for special events or holiday parties

Please contact us regarding Golf Cart GPS Advertising opportunities via email or 847-680-6100.

We welcome all partnership opportunities and look forward to hearing from you soon!


Thank You to Our
GPS Ad Partners